Finding Time To Be Social

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I decided recently to see just how much time I was spending each day being social. To my surprise it added up to about 3 hours. That isn’t 3 hours straight through. Rather it is a few minutes here and a few minutes there. Checking my accounts, adding comments when I felt like it and posting things to my various networks accounted for the time. If you’d asked me a year ago if I was on Facebook or Twitter I would have said no. I didn’t think I had anything to say. Turns out I was wrong! 

With the great majority of business working with and through Social Media there comes a time in everyone’s business life when they have to decide if they too are going to be “social.” Once I got started I surprised myself with how often I was responding to someone’s tweet or posting an update on Facebook or even, lo and behold, writing my own blog. There is a wide world out there and many interesting people. Some you agree with and some you don’t. A vast social playground that expands your reach and influence just by chatting with others.

Another great advantage to being social is the amount of new things to learn. You never know when a comment by someone will spark your interest. They may recommend a blog to read, a website to visit or even a good book to read. Now it’s my turn to recommend something. Here’s a great little novelette that brought a smile to my face and outright laughter at times.

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